Stone (old work from 1998 - now)

My work in stone started of fairly impressionistic but it gradually became more expressionistic and abstract. For me stone feels fluid or pliable and can be bent and shaped into curved expressions of the dialogue between sculptor and stone. Mostly made from one piece it often gives the illusion of two separate sections tightly fitted together in a sensual embrace. Should you be interested please do not hesitate to contact me for an overview of my available work. Prices range from € 250,- to € 2800,-

Bronze (new work from 2017 - now)

My work in bronze is produced in low numbers (between 5 and 9 pieces max) and is at this stage allowing to express myself three dimensionally without the intense physical exertion of working in stone.

Penquins 1of 9 - (Bronze pair - 20cm) - € 1200,-